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GCSRA is organising 2nd edition of "National CSR Conclave & Awards’18: Re-inventing CSR for Transformational Impact” in Ahmedabad, led by a view to re-orient the present CSR landscape, with an overriding objective to address some of the pressing challenges being faced by the state and outside. A major highlight of the National conclave shall be the 2nd edition of GCSRA CSR AWARDS, one of a unique state level awards for CSR. The CSR Conclave aims to provide a common platform to various stakeholders to share their expectations & aspirations, with an aim to address the social challenges faced by fellow practitioners. Corporates need to work closely with stakeholders to maximize the impact of their CSR programs and transform the lives of their beneficiaries. Discussions shall revolve around creating an enabling environment for implementation and strengthening existing CSR initiatives through adoption of best practices.

Major Highlights

  • Plenary sessions and panel discussions on different thematic areas of CSR
  • Over 50 National speakers with special focus on Health, Sanitation, Education and Entrepreneurship
  • Over 300 Industry leaders, policy makers, government agencies, NGOs, civil society, academics etc.
  • Presenting GCSRA CSR AWARDS (one of a unique state level awards for CSR)


  • Understand the changing paradigm of CSR in India
  • Provide a platform to discuss the current issues and developments in CSR
  • Share, discuss and ideate on how the state and corporates can collaborate to provide an enabling environment to solve social challenges
  • Facilitate dialogue and partnerships for ‘development’
  • Discuss and share best practices for programme implementation and impact creation, through dissemination of state and national level experiences


For Participants:

Participants need to submit registration form along with the payment transaction details. Payment of the above fees can be made via Bank transfer/Demand Draft/Cheque. For participation,click here

For Partnership:

This conclave is expected to draw the participation of more than 300 delegates, across different stakeholder segments from across the country. This would be an opportunity to showcase offerings, initiatives, and solutions to effective target audiences at one platform. For partnership, click here

For more details on conclave, please click here

GCSRA’s National CSR Conclave and Awards, 2018

GCSRA organized its second edition of "National CSR Conclave and Awards: Re-inventing CSR for transformational impact”at Ahmedabad Management Association, Ahmedabad, led by a view to create an enabling environment with an objective to address some of the pressing challenges being faced by the state..

It witnessed more than 250 delegates across the country representing different organizations who came together to address CSR issues and plug in knowledge gaps on evolving needs of CSR rules and practices.

A major highlight of the Conclave was the GACL Gujarat State CSR Awards which is ‘one of the unique’ state level awards for CSR. Hon’ble Governorshri of Gujarat presented corporates with different CSR Awards to recognize their exemplary work being carried out by them in Gujarat. Compendium on case stories of CSR work of corporates was also released during the Conclave by Governorshri of Gujarat..

Glimpses of National CSR Conclave and Awards, 2017

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