Platform for Corporate Social Responsibility - An Initiative by Government of Gujarat

Gujarat CSR Authority with a view to link the unemployed youth with high quality employment oriented training programmes has taken up a special project with the financial assistance from CED, Government of Gujarat.

Skilling for Livelihood is one of the thrust areas that have been identified by the authority. GCSRA has observed that even if a company is willing to fund such training programmes, it is very difficult to identify a capable training provider, willing unemployed youth for specific training programme, monitoring of outcomes, etc. In order to facilitate the unemployed youth with inclusive skill training programmes to provide them with the knowledge and skill sets that are mandatory to secure employment on a sustainable basis. With this objective GCSRA had decided to conduct a massive survey of unemployed who are seeking vocational training for employment. The youth can get the opportunity to enhance their skill set as per their area of interest.

The objectives of the project were as under:

  • Conduct of a systemic survey of the skill sets of the youth and connect youth to the training service provider agency with the objective to upgrade their skills and thereby creating a sustainable livelihood opportunity regime for the unemployed youth from the various Villages of Sanand and Bawla talukas of Ahmedabad district and Sankheda and Padra talukas of Vadodara district
  • Create a more favourable and suitable skill training opportunity regime for the youths residing in the rural areas.
  • Maximise the utilisation of the training services facilities present and available in the area of survey locale.

Outcomes of the Project were as under:

  • As an outcome of the systemic survey exercise, Gujarat CSR Authority has developed a unique; open to all data base of the candidates of around 14,000 candidates for the Government /Corporate training services providers.
  • Any Government /Corporate /Private Training Provider agency can download the data base of the candidates along with their names and details utilising the query data base of the portal.

How to obtain the data base:

  • Any agency willing to obtain the data base have to register with GCSRA web portal first using the link below and after filling up the necessary details they can download the data base and invite the candidates for the training as per their skills sets and preference provided by them during the survey process.

This initiative will offer following benefits:

  • Trainee portal is operational along with query builder and placement portal, any department or agency can access through an auto generated password to approach the website.
  • They can obtain filtered list along with address and mobile number of the willing trainees as per their requirement through query builder by using the password and use the list for their vocational training programmes.
  • Once the trainees are selected for specific training programme, the concerned training provider will have to provide the details of such youth in the placement tracking portal so that the post training performance of this agency can be monitored and quantified.
  • Once the trainee has been captured in the placement portal, his subsequent performance can be followed up as mentioned earlier.
  • This initiative is likely to improve the training outcomes, stop the duplication of same trainee attending series of vocational training programmes and will also improve the accountability of the training providers.

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